Vanguard 9004 LED Headlight Bulb

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Vanguard 9004 LED Headlight Bulb belongs to Vehicode’s new Vanguard Series LED headlights conversion kit which brings much stabler performance compared with old series, armed with a best in class Philips Luxeon ZES Chips, adjustable chuck angle for better beam pattern, and removable & reversible heat sink for added adaptability.

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Vehicode Vanguard 9004 LED Headlight Bulb

This 9004 LED Headlight Bulb belongs to Vehicode’s new Vanguard Series LED Headlight bulbs. The Vanguard Series create a 4,000Lm blanket of light for the driver to increase safety and night time visibility.

It is using the newest Philips Luxeon ZES chips. It allows for the increased Lumen output while still drawing less than half the power of the factory headlight bulb. This amazing light output efficiency is not the only the change you will notice for the Chips, the excellent heat dissipation characteristics are also making them extremely reliable even in harsh environments. The new Samsung designed internal driver components which offer excellent performance in a smaller package. The adjustable heat sink makes fitment issues a thing of the past since it can be removed and reversely installed or even mounted outside the headlight back-cap for added adaptability.

Much Brighter, Much More Reliable, and Much Easier Installation, only offered by Vehicode Vanguard LED Headlight bulb.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 2 in


Chip Technology

Brightness per Bulb

Wattage Poweer

Color Temperature



Number of Chips

Fan Speed

Life Span



Waterproof Level

Heat Conduction

Heat Sink


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IC Circuit Ballast



Built-in TSPS

Country of Manufacture


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